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If you have enjoyed using eLite Lite, then you should like using eLite II (alpha). Elite II (alpha) is the updated version of eLite Lite that includes many features that are included with other skins. This is something that has been promised for awhile now and is getting closer and closer.

Release Status: 
Screen Resolution: 
800 x 480 (16:9)
Audio Support: 
Audio File Support (i.e. mp3, wma, etc)
Audio Mixer
Auto Load Inserted Audio CD
Cd Player
Current Playlist Viewer
Equalizer Presets
File Search
Load Playlist
Music Folder Browser
Remembers Last Browsed Locations
Save Playlist
Skip To Directory / File Letter (i.e. A, B, C)
Winamp Visuals
Video Support: 
Current Playlist Viewer
File Search
Remembers Last Browsed Locations
Skip To Directory / File Letter (i.e. A, B, C)
Video Aspect Ratios
Video Files Playback (i.e. mpg, avi, mp4, etc...)
Video Folder Browser
Navigation Support: 
External Navigation Programs
Garmin Mobile Pc
Dynamic Menus: 
Entertainment Menus
Settings Menus
Shutdown Menu
Tools Menus
Supported Plug-ins: 
MediaArt Plugin (embedded artwork manager for RR)
RRWebBrowser (enhanced RR web browser)
Radio Support: 
Fm / Am Radio Support (requires compatible hardware)
Fm / Am, HD Radio Presets
HD Radio Support (requires Directed / Visteon hardware )
Sirius Radio (requires compatible hardware)
Xm / Sirius Favorite List
Xm Radio (requires compatible hardware)
Dvd Support: 
Dvd Aspect Ratio
Dvd Auto Play On Disc Inserted
Dvd Disc Playback
Dvd Folder Browser
Other Features: 
Application Launcher
Background Image Changer
Picture Viewers
Plug-ins Manager
Screen Dimmer
Skin Changer
Weather Viewer
Web Browsers
Theme Features: 
Car Logos
Changeable Font Families
Changeable Theme Colors (i.e. Green, Blue, Red, etc..)
Changeable Top-bar Indicators
Disc Auto-play Options
List Options
Theme Based Menu / Indicators icons